In the Laboratory of Global Environmental Policy, we explore normative and positive questions surrounding environmental problems and policies on local, national, regional, and global scales. On one hand, foundational topics are studied in the perspectives of legal and political philosophy. One group of these topics concerns the issue of global justice, in which it is asked, for instance, what principle should be adopted in distributing the benefits and burdens of climate change policy among individuals or states across the world. Another group has to do with intergenerational justice, which relates to the question of what are grounds for the obligation that the present generation might bear to future people. On the other hand, we also make empirical researches on policy process, policy transfer, implementation, and governance for sustainability, by using concepts, theories, and methods in policy analysis, political science, and economics.

The laboratory has attracted numerous international applicants around the world, and its current members come from thirteen countries, ranging from Asia to Europe to the former Soviet Union. A multicultural and congenial atmosphere pervades the laboratory.

Selected research topics:
- Climate justice
- Environmental problems and intergenerational justice
- Policy process, implementation, and effect
- Citizens' awareness and behavior concerning environmental issues
- Governance for sustainability
- Climate mitigation and adaptation


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