Ph.D. Dissertations

2019 Academic Year

Mohammad Lutfur Rahman, "A Study of Urban Structure Vulnerability and Emergency Management of Earthquake in Bangladesh"
Laÿna Droz-dit-Busset, "The Milieu as Common Grounds for Global Environmental Ethics"

2018 Academic Year

Akiko Takano, "Due Diligence Obligations and Transboundary Harm: From Environment to Cybersecurity"

2017 Academic Year

Mariko Ikeda 「開発途上国における気候変動適応とモニタリング・評価」

2016 Academic Year

Tomoyo Chiba 「日本における地下水ガバナンス:自治体政策を中心として」
Mina Lee, "A Quantitative Study on Innovation in Renewable Energy Technology in Korea"

2014 Academic Year

Ria Adoracion A. Lambino, "The Adoption and Institutionalization of an Environmental Disclosure Program in the Philippines: A Policy Analysis"

Master's theses

2020 Academic Year

Hikaru Shirai, "Citizens’ Pro-environmental Behavior in Community-based Waste Management: The Case of Waste Bank in Indonesia"

2019 Academic Year

Larissa de Miranda Alem, "Consensus Building Process among Multi-Stakeholders in Intercity Cooperation: The Case of Collaboration between Kitakyushu and Davao"
Natascha Janina Josephin Hendel, "Public Private Partnership in the Flood Insurance Sector: Possibilities for a Policy Transfer from the United Kingdom to Germany"
Leativa Sonya Okesene, "The Planning Process of Climate Change Relocation: The Case of Vunidogoloa in Fiji"

2018 Academic Year

Natsu Hatakeyama 「地方自治体の国際環境協力の政策過程:横浜市のY-PORT事業の事例」
Tian Lei, "Concrete Recycling in China: Experiences and Policies of Companies"
Li Lingyu, "Climate Policy Integration in Japanese Energy Policy"
Hidemi Nakayama, "Individuals' Social Capital in a Community-based Reforestation Project: The Case of a Rural Community in the Philippines"
Wang Jingye, "Electric Vehicle Promotion Policies in Pilot Cities of China: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen"
Zhang Jing, "Public Private Partnerships for Urban Parks: The Case of Singapore"

2017 Academic Year

Kanau Takahashi 「農山村地域における木質バイオマス地域熱供給:岡山県西粟倉村の事例」
Hiroki Tsuda 「地上設置型太陽光発電の環境紛争の集結要因」
Sahori Nishimura 「都道府県の森林環境税と収事業」
Putri Dwinatalis Baeha, "Policy Process of Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space in Jakarta Formulation and Implementation"
Zhenzi Fu, "Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China:Financial Challenges"

2016 Academic Year

Yoko Asahi 「消費者の環境配慮行動の規定因分析:目標フレーミング効果が与える影響の検討」
Mai Kobayashi 「環境教育の国際協力と教育者養成」
Laÿna Droz-dit-Busset, "Towards an Ethics of Sustainability: The Embodied Self as a Basis for Environmental Decision-making"
Rika Fajrini, "Indigenous People's Perception on the Commodification of Genetic Resource and Traditional Knowledge"

2015 Academic Year

Cita Ekanijati, "The Socio-economic Determinants of Public Participation in Lake Policy Process: The case of Rawa Pening Program in Indonesia"
Daiki Miyazawa 「コミュニティパワー事業における市民の出資動機」

2014 Academic Year

Eriko Saino 「グローバル資源配当の政治哲学的研究」
Yukari Honma 「再生可能エネルギー条例における政策波及」
Sunghyun Moon, "Policy Transfer in Contemporary Japan:The Case of Solar Energy Policy"

2013 Academic Year

Mariia Andoreishena 「政策の柔軟性:概念的考察と事例分析」
Yuko Fujita 「日本企業のCSVとしての環境ラベル」
Mio Matsumoto 「エネルギー転換とミニ・パブリックスの可能性に関する研究」
Haruka Sakamoto 「自治体の組織改革:環境政策統合と財政難への対応の観点から」
Edward Sumoto, "Sustaining Renewable Energy Growth and Energy Accessibility through Project Design Rating Scheme and Public Assessment"


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